How to make your mascara last all night long

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

It's all a matter of visit to, but still there are things which can be shared for long lasting of mascara. Simply, this means it won't run, smudge, or flake even if you cry, sweat, or rub your eyes! When you want to wash it off, the tubes slide right off your lashes so there's no need for harsh makeup removers. This mascara gives your lashes length and volume as well as outstanding all day wear! Do wiggle at the roots, then sweep upward to the end of the lash, then blink, so it forces the brush to comb every lash.; to start wiggling at the outer corners, and then brush inward toward the center of the eyes, which lifts and builds fullness. Then, wiggles the wans again and lifts outward to lengthen. To finish, she holds the wand so that the tip is pointing at the sashes, and brushes each lash individually, so they fan out.

"The wiggle helps creats a VOLUMINOUS, full lash with separated ends and well defined base."

It's recommended doing the wiggle once, letting the mascara dry, and then applying a second coat with the same technique.

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